Users unable to log into Workspace resolved, 09/09/2019 11:18AM EDT Citrix Cloud Citrix Cloud Citrix Cloud

Notification history

09/09/2019 11:18AM EDT
At this time we believe the Workspace issues to be fully resolved based on the mitigation steps completed by our engineering teams. We continue to monitor closely. If any further issues are seen, please contact Citrix Technical Support.
09/09/2019 09:50AM EDT
Mitigation is in place and all customers should be functioning again. We have temporarily re-directed traffic to US so non-US customers may experience performance issues with UI loading until the full mitigation is complete. We will provide an update once all regions are functioning normally.
09/09/2019 09:13AM EDT
We have now identified the issue and are working on the resolution.
09/09/2019 08:51AM EDT
We are currently experience an issue for all customers using Workspace, this issue means that no user can login to Workspace, we are currently addressing this issue and will have an update shortly.