Citrix Cloud Admin Login using Azure AD resolved, 09/18/2019 08:42PM EDT Citrix Cloud Citrix Cloud Citrix Cloud

Notification history

09/18/2019 08:42PM EDT
Citrix engineering has resolved the issue impacting administrator login to Citrix Cloud using Azure AD. All administrator logins are fully operational. If further issues are encountered, please contact Citrix Technical Support.
09/18/2019 04:51PM EDT
We're monitoring an issue impacting a subset of administrators logging into Citrix Cloud using Azure AD. Citrix engineering has identified the issue and is working towards resolution.  As more information becomes available it will be posted on this site.
09/18/2019 04:05PM EDT
We're monitoring an issue impacting administrator login to Citrix Cloud.  Admins may be presented with an error when logging in.  Citrix engineering has identified an issue related to browser session cookies impacting login.  Using an incognito browser or clearing your browser cookies should resolve the issue.  The Citrix Engineering team is currently investigating and working towards resolution. This site will be updated as more information becomes available.