Performance Issues for Gateway Service resolved, 16 Oct 2017 2:41pm EDT NetScaler Gateway Service

Notification history

16 Oct 2017 2:41pm EDT
The NetScaler Gateway Service changes have been stabilized and no more performance issues have been seen. The service is fully available now
15 Oct 2017 6:53pm EDT
Service changes have been pushed globally to all affected locations. The fault condition has not recurred for in excess of 50 hours.

During the this maintenance, an unrelated network fault condition occurred on a node in Azure South East Asia causing connection instability for some connections in that region – this has been resolved.

This is anticipated to be the final update for this incident.
13 Oct 2017 8:52pm EDT
Service changes are being pushed globally to all affected locations. Changes are being scheduled around local business hours and are planned to complete before start of business Monday across all locations. We will provide further updates as work progresses.
12 Oct 2017 8:11pm EDT
The rate of fault occurrence has reduced. A first phase of updates are being pushed to a small number of NetScaler Gateway Service locations ahead of broader global deployment. We will provide further updates as mitigation work continues.
11 Oct 2017 3:36pm EDT
The team is continuing to investigate the performance issue in NetScaler Gateway Service. Users may experience occasional failures when connecting to applications and reduced reliability in the Session Reliability feature. Stable connected, sessions are not impacted by this performance issue. Our engineers are continuing to root cause the fault. We will provide updates as investigation and mitigation continues.
11 Oct 2017 2:41pm EDT
We are investigating the performance issue for the gateway service. We will provide an update shortly